London – Day 7

I went to the V&A Museum today.  They had art from all over the world and across many era’s.  I particularly enjoyed the Sculpture and Ceramics exhibits.  They had a huge section on the 6th floor dedicated to ceramic art and the history of ceramics from all over the world.  The ceramics was organized in a loose time-line and the work from different regions was place together according to the time-line so you could comparatively see where the different cultures were in their ceramic techniques at the same point in world history.  (more…)

London – Day 5

Today was spent at the National Gallery in London. I was able to see work from all over the world.  I spent about 5 hours there and just started to scratch the surface of what was available.  I loved being able to see work from all over the world, Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Middle East, and the British Isles.  They even had a history of clocks and of coinage from around (more…)

London – Day 4

I spent today exploring Camden Town, the Canal and The Regent’s Park.  I loved going through all of the Gothy / Alternative Shops and found a sweet little music shop: Resurrection Records where I was able to find some hard to find Industrial and Gothic Rock CD’s and LP’s.  From Camden I walked up the Canal until I reached The Regent’s Park.  The park is huge, and beautiful with large fields, big trees and (more…)

London – Day 3

I spent the afternoon with Eric and Clara in London Proper.  I went to the Tate Museum of Modern Art and saw some beautiful work by some of the leading artists of the 20th century.  Though, and I know this is my personal beef, they only had one ceramic artwork on display and should have had so much more included in the show.  The 20th century is when the Ceramic Arts bloomed and truly came into its own.  Some of the artists I did see work by included Picasso, Chirico, Man Ray, Giocometti, Matisse, Kirchner, Kandinsky, Monet, and Pollock.  It was a refreshing experience to view all of this modern art, (more…)