Jerel and Inez Harwood – Bio

Jerel and Inez Harwood have been married since 1998 giving them the experience of sixteen years of teamwork. The Harwoods started Grey Forest Studio, LLC in 2011 with a dream to follow in the career footprints of artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude.Jerel & Inez

Inez Harwood is a graduate of the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at Utah Valley University. Inez has shown art at The Utah County Art Gallery, Orem Arts in the Park 2011 and 12, Woodbury Art Museum, Studio 760 and Utah Valley University Student Center.  Her artwork is in the permanent collection at J Dawgs Provo and Orem; her artwork is in several private collections. Inez’s recent accomplishments include Dharma Trading Co.’s 2013 Featured Artist and breaking the world record for the longest tie dye with her project “Vibrant Protest: Liberty“. The strong message focused on community and acting local to make national and global changes peaked the interests of the organizers for the Hayfork, CA Saint Francis Festival, where Inez displayed Liberty as their featured artist for the 2013 & 2014 event. In 2012 Inez led one of the first student led fundraisers for the building fund at Utah Valley University that coordinated student efforts with the local talent of Greg Olsen, bringing public validation of the quality of education offered in the fine arts program at Utah Valley University. Inez was selected to be one of the presenting Artists at Utah Academy of Arts and Letters in 2012.

Jerel Harwood received his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Utah Valley University (Cum Laude) and a Master of Fine Arts degree at Brigham Young University. Jerel’s art has been shown at Brigham Young University’s Gallery B-66 & Gallery 303, Utah State University: Eastern, Utah Valley University Library Gallery, Woodbury Art Museum, Rio Gallery, Orem Arts in the Park and Utah Food and Care Coalition Bowls for Humanity. Jerel’s artwork is in the permanent collection at Big B Managed Services, and in several private collections.  Jerel is one of the charter contributing artists for the Bowls for Humanity yearly event that raises funds for the Utah Food and Care Coalition. He is also one of the founding artists for the Utah Valley University Ceramic Artist Association.  Jerel’s work is published in Lark Books’ 500 Raku.

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