Vibrant Protest: Cosmic Charlie

Inez and Jerel are planning another monumental size tie dye code named: Cosmic Charlie.  Construction of Cosmic Charlie has begun. Measuring in at 490,000 square feet, the fabric for Cosmic Charlie is 100% Post-Consumer recycled product.

Cosmic Charlie Sketch

Cosmic Charlie – Conceptual Drawing

Vibrant Protest: Corrina

DPRimages_173Inez and Jerel are currently planning a project titled Corrina. Corrina is a 500-yard long by 500-yard wide tie-dyed Mandala designed for aerial viewing. The Harwood’s have already begun organizing this project with other Rock Stars of the textile art scene. If you are interested in being involved in this next project please contact us through the form below.

— Inez & Jerel Harwood

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