.(In|Out)sider$ – MFA Thesis Show

Grey Forest Studio, LLC. known for breaking the Guinness world record for longest tie-dye, now shifts from vibrant color to macabre elegance. A transition showing versatility in style without dismissing Grey Forest Studio’s flare for the dramatic; this show, “.(In|Out)sider$”, designed by Jerel Harwood contains eighteen, ¾ life-size figurative sculptures representative of ‘Gothic Couture’. Sculpted from ceramic clay and mixed media including human hair, with reserved expressions meant to convey the viewer to the role of the outsider.

“Our lives are a constant shift into the role of outsider and insider as we encounter diverse cultural situations daily. I want people to recognize that being the “outsider” is not negative, but a role we all share as part of the human condition.” – Jerel Harwood

A copy of Jerel’s Thesis can be downloaded in PDF format from this link: Jerel Harwood – In or Outsider – Thesis Paper

The exhibition was located at:

Bell Room @ Provo Town Square, Provo, Utah

February 21, 2014

A Reception was held February 21 at 7pm – 10 pm.

A second showing occurred at Studio B-66



























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