Cup Exchange | B-66

There are two things I want to announce. First some of the other 3-d students and I decided to start a group blog about life in building B-66.  You can follow the blog over at I have posted over on images and a video from the opening of our latest show: “Cup Exchange”. […]

Cup Exchange: November 18th – December 3rd

Vibrant Protest » Tie Dye Bri

Inez wrote a new post over at the Vibrant Protest: Liberty website.  It is an artist spotlight. Vibrant Protest » Tie Dye Bri.

Wade Guyton’s Computer-Made Works at the Whitney –

Maybe I need to invest in a 3-D printer and Auto-CAD to start producing my sculptures…  Thought to be honest I think I would miss the feeling of the materials in my hands as I work. Wade Guyton’s Computer-Made Works at the Whitney – It is still an interesting read.  I like reading about […]