Venice (Venezia) – Day 3 & 4 London – Day 1

The morning of the last full day in Venice was spent at the Murano Glass Factories, then the afternoon was spent strolling around Venice.  There were some incredibly beautiful glass work and incredibly gaudy glass work that I saw.  In the evening we found a beautiful little park / square right off a canal, the […]

Venice (Venezia) – Day 2

Today we walked through Venice and visited a few churches and looked at the art, we visited Titian’s Tomb which was incredibly decorated.  We also visited the Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni Paolo, where they had some beautiful renaissance paintings and sculptures and they had the foot of Santa Caterina da Siena on display.  Then we […]

Venice (Venezia) – Day 1

Yesterday went by in a whirlwind.  The morning saw me saying good-bye to Florence and by mid afternoon I was saying hello to Venice!  Being here is full of mixed emotions for me, we have taken our final exams, we no longer have notes to take, all I have to carry with me in my […]