Venice (Venezia) – Day 1

Yesterday went by in a whirlwind.  The morning saw me saying good-bye to Florence and by mid afternoon I was saying hello to Venice!  Being here is full of mixed emotions for me, we have taken our final exams, we no longer have notes to take, all I have to carry with me in my camera.  It also marks the beginning of the end of my current run of adventures in Italy, Friday I will be leaving this fair country and fly to England, I am going to miss the study abroad group that I have been living with and pestering for the past five weeks.  I have not formed too many opinions of Venice thus far and am excited to go out today and experience the city.  Until I have more to write, enjoy the pictures I was able to take yesterday.

2 Responses to “Venice (Venezia) – Day 1

  • Your good eye has seen only what the tourist sees, no surprises. In Venice there are families, shoppers, mothers and children, laundry, handcarts and hundreds of interesting architectural details, gates, doors and windows. ===gm===

  • Loved your photography!

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