Saint Francis Festival is Upon Us.

H&J_20If you have wanted to meet Inez and see Vibrant Protest: Liberty displayed in all it’s 3041.7 foot long glory, they will be at the Saint Francis Festival again this year.  Inez and Liberty have been out in Hayfork, California for the past week making preparations for the up and coming festival and getting the word out about the festival.  This year’s festival promises to be amazing with a wide range of World Renown Tie-dye Artists in attendance including Carl McClellan, Takefumi Omori, Rosie McGee and an interactive webcast from Courtenay Pollock from his studio in British Columbia.

Carl McClellan a.k.a. Mr. Tie Dye is joining the festival this year with his own tie-dye art installation Peace. Peace is a 10,000 square foot labyrinth comprised of over 100 individually hand tied and dyed tapestries.  Carl has been working for months to bring Peace to you in Hayfork.  In addition to displaying Peace Carl will be teaching workshops on folding and dying fabrics.  Carl will be joined in a few of his workshops by internationally known Tie-Dye Artist Takefumi Omori and Richard Carbin.

There is also an amazing concert line-up each weekend featuring local, regional, and internationally know music artists.  To see the list of events and artists visit the Saint Francis Festival website St.FrancisFestival.Com

Inez, Carl and Takefumi were featured on this mornings Good Day Sacramento.  You can watch their interview below.

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