Venice (Venezia) – Day 2

Today we walked through Venice and visited a few churches and looked at the art, we visited Titian’s Tomb which was incredibly decorated.  We also visited the Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni Paolo, where they had some beautiful renaissance paintings and sculptures and they had the foot of Santa Caterina da Siena on display.  Then we […]

Venice (Venezia) – Day 1

Yesterday went by in a whirlwind.  The morning saw me saying good-bye to Florence and by mid afternoon I was saying hello to Venice!  Being here is full of mixed emotions for me, we have taken our final exams, we no longer have notes to take, all I have to carry with me in my […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 12 & 13

Days 12 & 13 were spent out at Cinque Terre, a series of 5 fishing villages on the Italian coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  The water was gorgeous, a translucent Blue to Sea Green color that was astounding.  I enjoyed hiking from town to town and up some of the local mountains to visit old […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 11

The time has started to speed by, it is moving so quickly now.  This past Friday was spent in Pisa, where I got to hold up the leaning tower, visit the cathedral, baptistery and cemetery.  The acoustics in the Baptistery were amazing, the guards there would demonstrate it by harmonizing with their echo.  I took […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 10

I spent today out in Siena, it is a beautiful city.  I find myself saying that a lot about the places I have been saying, I also noticed that I seem to be saying amazing more too.  We were introduced to the Italian interpretation of Gothic Art and Architecture.  The facade on the cathedral there […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 9

Long day today!  We first went to Michelangelo’s House that he gave to his nephew Leonardo.  There were a few of his works there that were very nice.  They had a mixed media sculpture of his that I honestly found more impressive than his David.  It was made from Clay, Sand, it had wire armatures […]