Vibrant Protest Part One

My latest project “Vibrant Protest” is a record-breaking tie-dye / stain painting. The journey started with finding a domestically produced cotton fabric that was long enough. After several weeks of phone calls and research we found a mill in South Carolina that weaves domestic cotton for U.S. Military uniforms. This is one of just a few remaining mills producing domestic textile, a relic of the once fertile American cotton textile industry. From them we were able to commission a roll of fabric. This roll weighs 850 pounds, is 5 foot 5 inches tall and is 1051 yards long. The deliveryman accidentally tipped it on its side during delivery and we could only roll it up out of the street into the garage because it is too heavy to lift without mechanical help. As I look at this giant roll of fabric I am excited about the project we face in the weeks to come as we transform this blank canvas into a work of art!

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