Vibrant Protest Part One

My latest project “Vibrant Protest” is a record-breaking tie-dye / stain painting. The journey started with finding a domestically produced cotton fabric that was long enough. After several weeks of phone calls and research we found a mill in South Carolina that weaves domestic cotton for U.S. Military uniforms. This is one of just a […]

BYU Mudshow

I survived this years Mudshow at BYU. It was my first foray into the Mudshow. Which is a show for Graduate and Under-Graduate Ceramics Majors. The show was really good this year, there was a wide diversity in the artwork created by the students. The work I submitted can be seen here: 26th Annual Mudshow. […]

4 0nly 1

My work is on display at the 401 Gallery at UVU for the next week or so.  It has been renamed 4 Only 1, since the music department at the school put practice rooms for their students in our gallery we have room for only 1 piece.  I put this piece on display: It is […]

Bowls for Humanity

This Friday March, 5th from 6 – 9 PM in Provo is the Food and Care Coalition’s annual “Bowls for Humanity” fundraiser.  This is a great cause and a great opportunity to collect art from local Utah Potters. I have been contributing to Bowls for Humanity since my friend Tammy Rodeback started it.  This year […]

Holiday Sale at UVU

The UVU Ceramic Artist Association will be holding their Semi-Annual Pottery Sale December 7 & 8, 2009.  The sale will be held in the Ceramics Studio (GT 340) on the UVU Campus.  Work will be sold by CAA members and invited guests.  I hope you can join us for the sale.  I will have some […]

Shooting Clay

The show is over and now it is time to shoot the work.  Okay its not what you think.  Garrett and I are in the lighting studio taking portfolio shots of our work.  It is one of the last steps of our show; having to document it and then turn in a CD to Mark […]