Yours Truely

Michael Ririe a good friend and fellow world traveler of mine has posted a spotlight of me on his photography blog  He came out to BYU a couple of months ago when I was demoing at BYU’s “Wide-Open Spaces” Exhibit Opening Fiesta and took pictures of me in action.  Michael is an amazing photographer […]

Tuition Sale

I didn’t know how else to word it.  I am going to Pre-Grad School at BYU, at least that is the best way to explain it.  I am attending a ceramics class at BYU this year to prepare my portfolio for submission to their MFA program this Spring.  I need to pay tuition for the […]

Humble Beginnings

This past Spring I took the chance to catch a ride out to Rough and Ready, California where I grew up.  I was able to visit family and stay with my Mother and Father.  While I was there I saw some of my early pottery proudly on display.  The sight of it made me cringe.  […]

London – Day 7

I went to the V&A Museum today.  They had art from all over the world and across many era’s.  I particularly enjoyed the Sculpture and Ceramics exhibits.  They had a huge section on the 6th floor dedicated to ceramic art and the history of ceramics from all over the world.  The ceramics was organized in […]

Bowls for Humanity

This Friday March, 5th from 6 – 9 PM in Provo is the Food and Care Coalition’s annual “Bowls for Humanity” fundraiser.  This is a great cause and a great opportunity to collect art from local Utah Potters. I have been contributing to Bowls for Humanity since my friend Tammy Rodeback started it.  This year […]

Longevity of Clay

People have asked me what it is about clay that I love so much.  There are many reasons why I love to play in the “Mud”.  One of them being the longevity that it offers to my art.  There is a story in one of our local newspapers about a discovery made recently in the […]