I’ll try to do better and stay up to date.

I have had a pretty busy Summer unfortunatley it has not all been with my hands in the mud.  I really have no excuse for not updating this blog with more in the past, but will make an effort to do so in the future.  This past summer I worked on converting our garage into a studio.  I built a wedging table and installed some shelves for drying my greenware.  After that was completed I happily started throwing pots.

School started again and its off to the races.  I will be doing my BFA show this Fall, the time is short and I only have a couple months to finish all my work (you know what I was supposed to be doing all summer long).  I will try to take some pictures of my progress and post them here.  The clay I will be using has finally matured and has been wedged and bagged and is now waiting for me to start sculpting.  It was fun to mix and prepare.  I had Esperanza my daughter and her friend mixing it with their feet while I dumped the clays and grog onto the tarp, they had a great time.

— Jerel

3 Responses to “I’ll try to do better and stay up to date.

  • Mary wants to see your stuff and so do I.

  • Do you check this website? When is your show? I mean the dates?

  • I do check the site and I get emails when you post comments. I have been extremely busy getting ready for the show. I will get the exact dates and post them here for you. I will also take some pictures of my work and post it this weekend.

    — Jerel

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