Florence (Firenze) Day 8

Today we walked around Florence looking at Renaissance and Mannerist art.  We visited a fer churches and the Cathedral of Florence, where Michelangelo is entombed.  As it turns out Marconi (the inventor of the radio) is buried there too.  Later on in the day we visited the gallery where Michelangelo’s David is on display.  I am still working out my feelings on the statue of David.  The most impressive thing to me is the sheer scale of the statue.  I know it is supposed to be the epitome of Renaissance Art and it is an Icon of art the world round, but to be frank, other than its size it didn’t really affect me.  I think the mythology / stories around it really play it up, so finally seeing it was a little anti-climatic to me.  I have to be honest though and say that in the end it is just a big statue of a man.

Oh and lunch was wonderful, yuuummmm!!!

3 Responses to “Florence (Firenze) Day 8

  • Great pics. However, Michelangelo is not buried in the Cathedral, but in the basilica of Santa Croce.

  • Also, Marconi is not buried in Florence; what you saw was a monument to him in Santa Croce.

  • Oops my mistake, I guess I should have taken better notes. That makes me wonder how well I actually did on the final, since I was using those same notes.

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