Rome Day 11, 12, 13, & 14

Wow, the last few days have sped by incredibly fast.  I haven’t had as many pictures to post, since the galleries we visited over the past few days did not allow us to take pictures.  Last Saturday I was able to go to a Caravaggio show in Rome.  It was life altering, which is an experience I seem to be having an awful lot of lately.  The paintings were magnificent.  The details he put in the paintings were unbelievable, they are not done justice in a book or on a computer screen.  Sunday was a pretty laid back day.  I went to another Italian Sacrament Meeting and then Down to St. Peter’s Square to walk around a bit.  Monday we went to A few churches in Rome.  We saw some beautiful Mosaics from the Byzantine Era and some wonderful statues.  The crowning moment was going into St. Peter’s Basilica.  Nothing could have prepared me for the volume contained in that structure.  To say it is gargantuan would be an understatement.  The artwork in the Basilica was awesome too.  Bernini’s Canopy was epic, it truly captured the essence of the Baroque Era with it’s undulating columns and Statuary.  One the way our I took a short tour of the catacombs and saw the burial place of Peter the Apostle.

Today we said arrivederci to Rome and salve to Florence.  Florence is a beautiful city, my feeling so far is that it is a cross of the best things of Rome and Assisi.  I walked around the city this afternoon though I did not take many pictures, I had to leave something to do over the coming weeks.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from the last couple of days.

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  • So much feeling was put into their work.
    some pieces are very dramatic!


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