London – Day 6

I spent this afternoon at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and watched a production of Part 1 – Henry IV.  Henry IV has always been one of my favorite plays by Shakespeare and to watch it being performed on the stage of his theater did not disappoint me.  It was performed very well and the crowd was awesome.  I stood in the “peasant” seating since it was only 5 quid.  They did not allow pictures of the theater while the play was going, so I snapped a few before and after the production and yes that is Il Gatto on the stage, he is such a Ham!  Add seeing a play at the Globe to the list of must do items in London, England.

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  • Your right>>>about being thankful for the support of your wife! I’m glad you were able to make the trip and I’m sure you will continued to be inspired in your work.
    You can think out of the box and that is a good quality you have.
    Best wishes to you and Inez!

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