In a Slump

Ok it’s not what you may think.  I have been experimenting with molding glass this Fall and designing my own molds for glass fusing and slumping.  I have also been experimenting with glass frit and stringer medium for drawing on the glass and fusion firing color into the glass.  I am pretty excited with the results so far and wanted to share some of if with you.  It has been fun integrating the aesthetics I have developed on the wheel and integrating it with glass work.

— Jerel
_DSC5508 _DSC5506 _DSC5500 _DSC5498 _DSC5496 _DSC5493 _DSC5490 _DSC5488 _DSC5486 _DSC5482 _DSC5481 _DSC5478 _DSC5477 _DSC5473

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