In a Slump

Ok it’s not what you may think.  I have been experimenting with molding glass this Fall and designing my own molds for glass fusing and slumping.  I have also been experimenting with glass frit and stringer medium for drawing on the glass and fusion firing color into the glass.  I am pretty excited with the […]

New Work Posted

I wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know that I have added new work to the “Jerel’s Portfolio” section of the website.  So head on over and look at my exciting new work. –Jerel


For your viewing pleasure, I have posted some of my best monumental size Tie Dye Art. A modern twist on a traditional theme of freedom and protest. My artist statement is in the works. let me know what you think.

Finished work… well almost finished…

The Winter Semester is almost over, one last week to go before finals.  This is going to be a busy week as I write papers and complete assignments I have been putting off as I prepared for my graduate review.  I am still struggling with public speaking, despite the time I have spent in front […]

Shooting Clay

The show is over and now it is time to shoot the work.  Okay its not what you think.  Garrett and I are in the lighting studio taking portfolio shots of our work.  It is one of the last steps of our show; having to document it and then turn in a CD to Mark […]

The moment you all been waiting for…

I have added a new page and a few pictures to my portfolio section of the site. Why are you still reading this? Go check them out! –Jerel