Old current work

I have a few pieces of green ware patiently waiting for me to get my kiln finished so I can start firing them and treating their surfaces with vitreous engobes.  I had an assignment from one of my teachers this past spring to work in a series and he wanted me to work in clay […]

London – Day 7

I went to the V&A Museum today.  They had art from all over the world and across many era’s.  I particularly enjoyed the Sculpture and Ceramics exhibits.  They had a huge section on the 6th floor dedicated to ceramic art and the history of ceramics from all over the world.  The ceramics was organized in […]

On a side note – Ron Mueck

I had an opportunity to see Ron Mueck’s work at the Andy Warhol Museum when I was in Pittsburgh, PA a few years ago.  It was an amazing exhibit and he produces powerful sculptures.  If there is ever an exhibition of his within traveling distance of you, you have to go and see it! You […]

London – Day 3

I spent the afternoon with Eric and Clara in London Proper.  I went to the Tate Museum of Modern Art and saw some beautiful work by some of the leading artists of the 20th century.  Though, and I know this is my personal beef, they only had one ceramic artwork on display and should have […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 10

I spent today out in Siena, it is a beautiful city.  I find myself saying that a lot about the places I have been saying, I also noticed that I seem to be saying amazing more too.  We were introduced to the Italian interpretation of Gothic Art and Architecture.  The facade on the cathedral there […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 9

Long day today!  We first went to Michelangelo’s House that he gave to his nephew Leonardo.  There were a few of his works there that were very nice.  They had a mixed media sculpture of his that I honestly found more impressive than his David.  It was made from Clay, Sand, it had wire armatures […]