BYU Mudshow

I survived this years Mudshow at BYU. It was my first foray into the Mudshow. Which is a show for Graduate and Under-Graduate Ceramics Majors. The show was really good this year, there was a wide diversity in the artwork created by the students. The work I submitted can be seen here: 26th Annual Mudshow. […]


Watch the full episode. See more Off Book. I have always been drawn toward the Steampunk aesthetic and have been working on incorporating more of it into my artwork.  for those not familliar with it the linked video is a great introduction to Steampunk and what it is all about.  Also below is one of […]

Another semester gone

Classes are officially over, next week is finals.  I will continue to work out of the BYU Studio over the Summer, there is allot going on in my head and I need to get it out in clay!  One of my assignments over the past semester was to pick an artist and start by mimicking […]

500 Raku – Release Date

I received an email the other day informing me that the book “500 Raku” will be released March 1, 2011.  You may ask why is this important enough for me to post here on my BLOG?  It is simply because one of MY PIECES will be included in the book!  I am really excited about […]

Me Again

My good friend Mike Ririe followed up his spotlight of me with another photo session, this time in the BYU Ceramics lab.  He interviewed me and took pictures of me working through some of my sculptures.  If you’d like to see head on over to his BLOG and enjoy the article.  While you are there […]

Latest happenings

I am happy!  What else is there to say? I am surrounded by a wonderful supportive group of family and friends.  The time I spent at the storytelling festival was great.  I really enjoyed the interaction I had with other local ceramic artists and all of the attendees of the festival. Things are moving forward.  […]