Rome Day 4

Today I want to the Pantheon, the Roman Forum (Senate), and Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine.

Rome Day 3

Rome … If you want to

I have started posting pictures on the page I dedicated to the Study abroad trip I am currently on in Italy.  Our first stop is Rome we will be spending the next 2 weeks here studying art history and the history of Italy.  I plan to update the page daily with pictures and comments from […]

Rome Day 2

We spent the day getting acquainted with the metro system in Rome and took a quick ride out to the Colosseum.

Rome Day 1

The first leg of the trip was all about playing the waiting game.  We started arriving at the airport in Salt Lake City around 6:30 a.m. Our first flight took us to JFK in New York City where we had a few hour layover, I figured it was time to break out the camera and […]

Longevity of Clay

People have asked me what it is about clay that I love so much.  There are many reasons why I love to play in the “Mud”.  One of them being the longevity that it offers to my art.  There is a story in one of our local newspapers about a discovery made recently in the […]