Rome Day 1

The first leg of the trip was all about playing the waiting game.  We started arriving at the airport in Salt Lake City around 6:30 a.m. Our first flight took us to JFK in New York City where we had a few hour layover, I figured it was time to break out the camera and start taking the pictures.

After a very long flight we arrived in Rome.  After exiting the plane on the tarmac we rode buses to the terminals to pick up our luggage and go through customs.  The line at customs was rather long.

We waited and waited and waited for our bus driver to show so we could get a ride to our hotel.  Eventually Steve Bule was able to find him and we continued on our way to the hotel.

Most of us took brief naps and then we met up around 4 to go for a walk, stretch our legs a little and get a little more familiar with Rome.  Our quick stroll took us to St. Peter’s Square at Vatican City.

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