Behind the Wheel

It’s time for me to get behind the wheel again.  I have been separated from my dear friend for so long.  Too many lame excuses to not be out in the sweltering heat of the studio, there is other work to be done, one reason after another to not be out working.  I am losing my sanity and need some time behind the wheel, feeling the sweet sensation of the clay sliding between my fingers soothing and calming to bring it back; it is one of the few things in this world that I have some semblance of control over.  I hope the muscles in my fingers and arms can remember the motions, I know my brain does.  It is like riding a bicycle right?  While my typing skills have improved dramatically as of late, I need to exercise the other half of my brain.  Working is clay is one of the best stress managers that I know of.  Some exercise, others clean, some nap, I work clay.  I love the smell that wafts out of a freshly opened bag, the deep rich earthy scents that speak of eons of history contained in my hands.  The uniquely malleable substance that is waiting to give dimension, depth, volume, form to the visions in my head.  It is time for me to return to my love.  Don’t you want to come and join me?

3 Responses to “Behind the Wheel

  • I would love to come and join you. Why don’t you live closer? I had to throw that in, ’cause I’m the mom. Make me a bowl that holds one and one quarter cups. You keep saying you will; ok you said it once. Keep up the good work and passion. Mom

  • I think you are so talented. I need a large bowl. Send me pricing. Lots of love to you and your family.

    • Thank you Lisa. I’ll send you some pricing in the morning.

      Take care and give our love to the family,

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