I should have named it “Fragile”.

That’s Fra-gee-lee for those of you who are not familiar with the reference.  Inez and I went to the opening for the Utah Statewide Annual Fine Craft and Photography Show.  When we got there we saw Brian Jensen, one of my professors from school who promptly congratulated me.  I said “thank you”, and told him that I was really happy to have been accepted into the show.  He then asked if I was aware that I had been awarded a “Honorable Mention” for the piece that I submitted, which I wasn’t since we had just arrived.  I was really excited to receive the Honorable Mention.  I had titled the work “Destination”, but now think I should have named it “Fragile”, ’cause I got a major award 😉

Thank you to those who have been supporting me in this path in life I really appreciate you and your sacrifices.

— Jerel
DestinationMe at the show

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