Hard to keep up.

It is hard to keep up with everything I have seen and am experiencing.  I find it hard to believe that I have been in Rome for a week now.  I have hundreds of photos to post and man thoughts to share.  I think I will have to restructure the way I am posting these and make them just regular posts on the blog instead of trying to keep a single page updated.  I had an amazing day at the Vatican yesterday, we saw so many master pieces and important works of art.  I was blown away by the School of Athens and the Sistine Chapel.  Not to mention the amazing Egyptian artifacts and artwork they have.  This has been an overwhelming experience for me.  When I get some time later on today I will finish posting the pictures and try to update a few more of my thoughts on them.

— Jerel

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  • Wow My birthday and the Sistine Chapel what an exciting day for you. I keep looking for more pictures to share at school. Glad you are having an incredible time.
    Love Mom

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