During the Fall semester I was assigned to do a collaborative project with another grad student.  To my joy I was paired with Anne Gregerson.  We spent some time throwing ideas back and forth.  Anne is a wonderful figurative artist and I also love to reference the human figure in my work.  We decided that Anne would sculpt the figure and I would do the final firing and mixed media elements. Doing collaborative work can be enlightening as you get aquatinted with other artist’s processes.  It is a good way to expand your own work and vision.  I really enjoyed working with Anne on this project and look forward to doing other collaborative works with her in the future.

Here are some images of the work we created.  It was sculpted in stoneware, soda fired to cone 10, and then I used mixed media / found objects to complete the piece.

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  • I think this was the best one yet. I’d love to see you create a collaborative work with your studio buddy Brent.

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