Inez’s work for sale.

In order to help fund Inez’s upcoming installation piece she has been putting together for her Graduate School applications she is offering hand-made (the tie-dye not the shirt) tie-dyed t-shirts for $20.00 each + shipping.  Here are a few examples of her recent work.   To purchase one of Inez’s shirts or paintings please email […]


During the Fall semester I was assigned to do a collaborative project with another grad student.  To my joy I was paired with Anne Gregerson.  We spent some time throwing ideas back and forth.  Anne is a wonderful figurative artist and I also love to reference the human figure in my work.  We decided that […]

BYU Mudshow

I survived this years Mudshow at BYU. It was my first foray into the Mudshow. Which is a show for Graduate and Under-Graduate Ceramics Majors. The show was really good this year, there was a wide diversity in the artwork created by the students. The work I submitted can be seen here: 26th Annual Mudshow. […]


Watch the full episode. See more Off Book. I have always been drawn toward the Steampunk aesthetic and have been working on incorporating more of it into my artwork.  for those not familliar with it the linked video is a great introduction to Steampunk and what it is all about.  Also below is one of […]

Daniel Murtagh, Photographer

I spend a fair amount of time in my search for reference material for my sculptures and pottery.  In one of my recent searches I came across Daniel Murtagh.  He is a photographer who in his own words, ““My work has been described as victorian noir. For me it is a form of alchemy and […]

Another semester gone

Classes are officially over, next week is finals.  I will continue to work out of the BYU Studio over the Summer, there is allot going on in my head and I need to get it out in clay!  One of my assignments over the past semester was to pick an artist and start by mimicking […]