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.(In|Out)sider$ was a complete success. Thank you to everyone who was involved with the process and helped to facilitate the show.

About Grey Forest Studio, LLC.

Who is Grey Forest Studio, LLC?
The Harwood’s have been married since 1998 giving them the experience of fifteen years of teamwork. The Harwoods started Grey Forest Studio, LLC in 2011 with a dream to follow in the career footprints of artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude… (read more)

Jerel’s Portfolio

Selected images from Jerel Harwood’s Portfolio

Inez’s Portfolio

selected images from Inez Harwood’s Portfolio

We are a Fine Arts Studio specializing in Architectural Sculpture, Painting & Ceramic Art.

Frantically Working

*Update: I have added pictures to the portfolio pages, even some of the older pages have added pictures.* The school days are blazing by, they go so fast I do not think there is actually 24 hours in them anymore.  I have been working feverishly on my Senior Show.  The work was slow at first. […]

I’ll try to do better and stay up to date.

I have had a pretty busy Summer unfortunatley it has not all been with my hands in the mud.  I really have no excuse for not updating this blog with more in the past, but will make an effort to do so in the future.  This past summer I worked on converting our garage into […]

The moment you all been waiting for…

I have added a new page and a few pictures to my portfolio section of the site. Why are you still reading this? Go check them out! –Jerel

Work in progress

Wow it has been quite a while since I have done any updates on this site…  At least any that you can see.  The server has been upgraded and the back-end of the site as well.  Since all of that is done, for now, I am going to post some of my work in progress.  […]

NCECA 2008 – Pittsburgh

Well I have been back from NCECA for a couple of weeks now, but have been too busy to write anything as of yet. I will probably post more of a commentary on it when I get some time to breathe. I’ll just post a couple of pictures for now, to wet your appetite. — […]

Who am I

I am currently a student at UVSC (soon to be UVU). I am in their BFA program for Ceramics/Sculpture.