Florence (Firenze) Day 10

I spent today out in Siena, it is a beautiful city.  I find myself saying that a lot about the places I have been saying, I also noticed that I seem to be saying amazing more too.  We were introduced to the Italian interpretation of Gothic Art and Architecture.  The facade on the cathedral there […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 9

Long day today!  We first went to Michelangelo’s House that he gave to his nephew Leonardo.  There were a few of his works there that were very nice.  They had a mixed media sculpture of his that I honestly found more impressive than his David.  It was made from Clay, Sand, it had wire armatures […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 8

Today we walked around Florence looking at Renaissance and Mannerist art.  We visited a fer churches and the Cathedral of Florence, where Michelangelo is entombed.  As it turns out Marconi (the inventor of the radio) is buried there too.  Later on in the day we visited the gallery where Michelangelo’s David is on display.  I […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 7

Today we took a lengthy train ride to Ravenna where we saw early christian and byzantine mosaics, we visited churches, mausoleums, baptisteries ranging back 1600 years.  The city is beautiful and was a joy to walk around.

Florence (Firenze) Day 6

Being Sunday it was a very low key day today.  I did some laundry and then spent the afternoon walking around Florence with no particular destination in mind.  In my wanderings I came across an old fort and took a few pictures of the walls and a statue that was outside the walls.  Every day […]

Florence (Firenze) Day 4 & 5

Another set of beautiful days in Italy.  I’ve been having a ball.  Today I went to a De Chirico / Max Ernst / Magritte / Balthus exhibit.  It was amazing seeing this early 20th Century art in context with all of the older work I have been seeing here in Italy, it means a lot […]